SushiBar and Wine Helsinki

Best sushi in Helsinki! Sushibar Helsinki only takes reservations at one of their restaurants, which is located in Töölö, Korjaamo. Make sure to have a reservation if you really want to have this sushi; definitely on of the hot spots of Helsinki, worth the wait and the money.

Staff is always polite, and the whole concept of the restaurant is very down to earth, no need to show off here. The wine selection is great; make sure to ask your waitress for further recommendations. We love the fact that they support Finnish design in both their table china as well as furniture. 

TapeMe recommends:

Nigiris: Try their Grilled Shake Nigir; slightly grilled salmon, chives and mayonnaise.

Makis: Go for the Prawn mousse; tiger prawn, chili, aioli, avocado mousse, chives and chili sesame seeds. If you are not a fan of crab, you can ask them to change the crab to salmon. It works perfectly both ways. 


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