Lost Souls

Yes,yes,yes this topic has been raised many times, but it is still present.

Are you graduating from school or may be finishing your master?

In the end it does not matter if you are 18 or 25, we question the same thing to life: who am I and where am I heading to?

This is a normal development of every young individual that is on the path of building the life, career, making plans and dreaming about impossible. Everyone is learning through the failure, your own or the mistakes of others. It is fine, if you fail an exam, fail to do something, fail to make your promisses come true, but what is not OK is realising it and not taking an action. Every downfall is a call to action, time for you to rethink your strategy, take a break, set new goals and get ready to move.

At some point we all get upset and lose hope, because we don’t know what to do next, what we want and what it is going to bring us. Don’t get frightened by this, it happens and you have to go through it. The key to figure the things out is to know what you are. You probably have some assets, whether they are physical or not and your only way out there is to turn these assets into something that is going to bring you joy and satisfaction. This will definitely define the things you want to achieve, because you will see what is actually possible and how long it will take, so you kind of build a map of your journey.

Most important things in life aren’t materialistic and it is true. Communication is one of those things. You can get a bright idea talking with the friend, you can get news or the opposite, introduce someone new to your world of thinking. Communication today is essential and you have to know how to do it. To communicate something you have to know how to speak, behave and make people listen you, not only hear. This part is more difficult, but not as hard as it seems. Erudition, knowledge and human factors will help you in this. For a world to give you something, you have to bring something in and first thing you can start with is your idea and your thoughts, that have to be positive and intriguing for others. Once you are there continue to grow, develop, expand your knowledge in anything that is of your taste and not harmful for others. Concentrate on yourself, love yourself and dream. Dream is the only thing no one can steal or take away from you. Nothing is impossible in this world, if you believe in yourself and your ideas, because they are born deep down at the bottom of your heart and heart knows no bad.

You are not lost, you are on your way!

Song of the day  to cheer you up > Hayden James – Something about you.



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