Sport as a trend

Sport as a trend is something very superficial invented by the girls and guys who see the gym as a playground and a place to socialize. Sad news! If  you do that, you are definitely NOT trendy. 

TapeMe was observing the behaviour of people, their daily life and mood swings. What we figured out is that TRULY most of the people find excuses to avoid sports, but they only do bad for themselves. Doing exercises every day for 10 minutes only improves: your mood, your breathing, your digestion, your blood circulation, your muscles, your posture, etc. It does not matter what kind of lifestyle you live, we ask you to find time for the exercise. 

TapeMe is doing the following conclusion about the trendy sport today :

Yoga, Pilates, Dancing  – for all those ladies and gentlemen out there that love their soul and body. Those activities help you not only keep your body in shape, but also your mind in the place. It is relaxing, distressing and simply wonderful early in the morning or after the long working day and lasts not more than 50 minutes. Sign up now!

Cross Fit, Body Pump, Spinning – for the goal oriented individuals ready to sweat and work hard to lose some weight and definitely grow some muscle. Cross Fit coaches they will not let you give up, you will be working until you fall, because they care for you and for your achievements. Those classes don’t last long either, so it is a perfect way to get back in shape after realizing you are becoming a doughnut delight.

Tennis, Padel, Swimming – for the social people that like being in the game. Whether you are playing tennis or swimming up and down, you make all your muscles work and your body definitely gets in shape very fast, but for this you have to have some knowledge or experience, because we don’t want you to brake your wrist or drawn in the pool. Apart of the risks, those activities are time consuming and no, you can’t stop half way through the game, so make sure to empty your calendar and find a closer tennis court or swimming pool to your house or work.

Be trendy, stay fit!

Note: consult with your doctor to ensure you are permitted to the exercise.


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