The world just celebrated international women day last week. It was lovely to see how men do appreciate us, especially on days like these. Although everything on this special day was very pink and fluffy filled with love and kisses, there is a shadow in the background; other women create this shadow, women who do not support each other.

No one in this wide world can achieve anything on their own, you always need support. Whether it is from friends or family, everyone needs a little love and a shoulder to lean on. It is horrifying to see that women, especially young women seem to be more and more competitive with each other. Why can’t we be happy for others success? Why is it so difficult, to honestly appreciate the fact that if someone has worked hard and gets a promotion at work or saves up money and buys “your” dream bag? Instead of thinking “How did she do that?” you should think: “how can I achieve that?” Maybe question your attitude, remove some of that negativity, you’ll see how much more pleasure life can bring you when you are not constantly having a so-called “resting bitch face”.

Being mean will not benefit you in any way, it will also not speed your personal growth, but rather slow it down, if not full stop it. Be delighted for others success, think about what you can learn from the women around you, rather than how you can be better than them. Competing is not the key, supporting is.

A quote has been shifting around in plenty of social media platforms since the International women’s day, and we think that it fits perfectly. “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” Next time you are thinking of being jealous or mean, think twice.


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