A Little Tenderness

Otis Redding has a very famous song “Try a little tenderness”. 

Sometimes we care too little about other people´s feelings, sometimes we are being rude and sharp to others not noticing that. We all live in our personal little world and the word ME is the centre of it. I do, I think, I want, I say. It is great to have a personality and know how to express yourself, but never forget that the person you are talking to also has one and it can be more gentle. We became absorbed in the routine full of aggression, problems, our own goals that is so hard to achieve and we stopped noticing what is around us and how nice it may feel to try a little tenderness. It should be natural to say without being shy or ashamed how you feel about other person and what part in them makes you happy. Do you have a very beautiful friend?-Tell him or her that this beauty inspires you. Do you feel like the sun is shining just for you today, because someone made you happy? –  Go tell this person what he does to you. How many times do we actually say things out loud about how we feel or what others make us feel? Almost never, because over thinking is a disease destroying our hearts everyday. We always care what they would think, how they will react, what they will tell to others and many other questions, but how does it actually matter, if what is most important left behind – the feeling. 

Being an iron man of today  is something we think we have to be, but did they tell you a story that inside every strong person there is a very gentle and fragile personality that is just overprotected?The end of the story can be very sad, if everyone will try do so, and  you will never know how beautiful and nice it is to be just a little more kind, a little more brave to say good things to others, a little more gentle in everything we say or do. 

Start today with Tape Me and do something good for others or open up your soul and tell us how you feel!

To start, listen to the song of Otis Redding and get a little emotional.




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