Copenhagen Mystery

One of the most favourite cities of TapeMe is the capital of Denmark.

Copenhagen is an amazing city, must visit if you are brave enough to give a tour around Scandinavia. No, we don´t want to hear that it´s cold and people are grumpy, because that is not true. Whether it is a snowy winter or a warm summer, Copenhagen will stay beautiful to give you a feeling you are in a fairytale. Tivoli garden, Nyhavn district, Kongens Nytorv or the Little Marmaid in real life are as great as they are on the pictures you find. The magic part of the city is that you feel like you are caught in a perfect moment. Whatever you may wish is there for you: cozy restaurants, small bars, fine art, entertainment, cultural activities or crazy night clubs, you will not be bored. In the same time we have to warn you that it is better to fill your pockets with money, because life in Denmark IS expensive and the Danish Krone is 0,13 EUR approximately. There is nothing cheap served without style.

If you want to go shopping and you are one of those people that like original stuff, you are in a right place as well. Copenhagen is famous for clothing and interior boutiques, unique jewellery brands, antique bookshops and so on. Strøget is one of the Copenhagen’s main shopping districts and also the longest pedestrian street in the world.

Except being a fashion capital, Copenhagen has a lot of museums and artistic places to visit and one of them is Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek,  art museum, absolutely charming place that brings peace into your life. There you will find sculptures from ancient cultures of Rome, Greece and Egypt and painting collections of French Impressionists. Besides the art presented there, inside the building there is a secret garden that will leave you speechless.

Apart of fashion and art, Copenhagen will surprise with a huge variety of absolutely great coffee shops and restaurants. In the heart of Copenhagen there is Café Europa and friendly English speaking waiters will be glad to host you and serve some good Nordic Brunch at it’s best. In the afternoon or evening time you can try out one of the best restaurants in town called Geranium and it is located in Østerbro, a lovely neighbourhood with green parks, cafes and exclusive boutiques.

Danish people certainly know how to party, so get ready to consume big amount of alcohol and stay up late. Sunday or HIVE club are the ones TapeMe recommends to see what it is like the night life of Danish citizens.

Wonderful city and it’s magnetic atmosphere will charm you once you arrive. Polite people, historical places,  class and style, quality food and drinks, beautiful views is all you need, so do not hesitate to visit Copenhagen in your nearest future!


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  1. Its on my list, thank you for inspiring me even more! x


    1. Thank you for checking it out Rebecca! Write us your experience later! xx

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