Unusual Thijme Termaat

Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso we all know who they are, but have you heard of Thijme Termaat? – Guess not.

Thijme Termaat is a young artist from Netherlands and he amazes people with his talent.

His works are incredibly beautiful full of life and imagination. He displays his vision of life through his paintings leaving your imagination a space to interpret it your way. In 2012 he made a video film called ” I paint “ where he showed a creation process of his paintings and it is absolutely fascinating. 

In his collection you can find some works that are just out of this world, because the combination of colours, the technique, the subject or the story are shown from a very different perspective, like if it is something exciting and unusual, but it may be just a panoramic view.

Phenomenal pictures of his works went viral on SM and finally this guy started to become popular and able to share his collections with all of us, hungry for some inspirational art people.

Recently he started selling his paintings and you can contact him directly through the Facebook page or his personal web site that is linked above.

Stay creative with TapeMe! 


Photo credit : Thijme Termaat – Brandon 2015 


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