Size X

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

This topic touches you as it does touch us. Current fashion trends are being very contradictory and Social Media is getting full of love hate messages and body shaming slogans for one or the other.

Size XS or a Plus Size? – How does it actually matter? 

World population is over 7 billion people and every single individual on this Earth is wearing a piece of cloth. This fact apparently does not matter, when it comes to model industry, where there is no understanding of what model stands for. Model is just a person that is employed to show the NEW FASHION TRENDS that include material, design, colours and way of wearing it and HAS NOTHING to do with individual body type.

However, in the digital world of today, where Social Media gives you everything out as real truth you start saying : ” Oh, have you seen this new plus size or super skinny anorexic model used in X show? Should I lose or gain some  weight?” 

Before you start taking actions regarding your body, think of your mental health first. 

Tape Me gives you two good contrast examples : Ashley Graham and Georgina Wilkin. One is a very popular Plus Size model of today and the other one is a former Prada model that became anorexic and left the industry. Both of them were popular and were dictating you the trends, but how you react on it – this is what creates a movement. 

Plus size trend is not a trend at all, it is media that says you have to be a bit more curvy now, just because being curvy is not something we are ashamed to talk about, so okay you might expose your body, because too thin models are banned.

Eating disorder was also a topic some years ago and all the girls out there were dieting till they faint. Do that just to put on some tight Dolce and Gabbana dress or may be be a lady D with Dior? Is that even worth it?

– No it is not. Go buy yourself a new bag they just showed on the runway or order the shoes that are too fancy from Kenzo or Fendi and don’t look up to the models that carry that stuff on them. You can be 2 meters tall and be a beautiful lady , but their clothes won’t fit you, but that does not mean you are not trendy or fashionable. You have to find your designer and your fashion style that is specialized on your body type, so they take into account small details of a body structure while creating the molds.

Plus size is also not something you have to become today, but be aware, that if you think you can not be a model, just because you are not XXS, you just haven’t seen those beautiful ladies like Kate Upton. Everyone is trying to show the world what they have, whether it is bones, large breasts or curvy hips and they have a right to do so, because every body type can be beautiful and designers can be interested in making collections and making the clothes range wider for one or the other, but that does not mean you have to change. 

Stay healthy and follow the new tendencies with Tape Me!

Photo Credit : Reuters 




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