Dinner, Jaime

One of the most memorable places is a restaurant called “Jaime Beriestain”.

No, it is not just another restaurant or a new fancy place. Jaime Beriestain is a designer from Chili, that came to Barcelona back in 2002. He opened up his studio of interior design and later on was collaborating with many famous hotels in Spain, France, Portugal and many other countries. One of the examples is Hyatt Hotel in Nice that was renovated in 2013. 

If you decide to check him out, feel free to do so, but TapeMe is going to tell you about one of the best dinner experiences in Barcelona. Coming back to the topic of design, the place itself is very beautiful. There is a terrace for those warm nights, an inside area with flowers, where you can have cocktails and a main room for the people that wish to have a meal. It does not matter, whether it is a breakfast or a dinner, the food there is extremely good. You can have a risotto, wok , fish or meat, and even a burger, if you like it so. 

Drinks there are also good, whether it is a gin tonic or a simple wine.

Comfortable chairs are going to hug you from the very first minute and chill out music will help you relax and enjoy the environment. 

Right next door to the restaurant there is a concept store, where you can find something interesting for yourself : books, home furnishings and even some tasty treats.

What a luxury that we have a possibility to enjoy the creativity other people bring in this world!



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