Hallo Berlin

Even though it is not a class of Geography, Berlin is a capital of Germany.

Welcome to the city of contrasts, history and electronic music.

Berlin is very nice in Spring and Summer, but quite grey and soggy during the cold times. Nevertheless, it is a city you must visit, because it is a historical place that has a lot to tell you.

Arriving to Germany is like stepping on the right path, where everything works like a clock, so be ready to fit in the crowd. If it says taxi will be there in 10 minutes, be there in 9:59. Here starts a very organised journey.

Anyone who has ever been in Berlin, saw the television tower on Alexanderplatz. It is almost 400 meters tall and you can see it from any part of the city. You might think it is just a tower, but no, there is a restaurant on top, which is worth visiting as well.

Starting from Alexanderplatz, one of the most famous and largest squares in the whole country, you can continue your way by passing through the biggest shopping malls towards Berlin Cathedral, Berlin City Hall or Charlottenburg Palace, which are ones of the greatest landmarks in Berlin. If this will be not enough for you, try visiting Bellevue Palace, which was an official residence of a Federal President. There are a lot more places to see and parks to walk through, like Humboldthain Park or Gardens of the World, so make sure you have enough time to see all of them.

It is really hard to cover all the monuments and places in this wonderful city, because after the World War II and reconstruction, the city grew again, paying tribute to the history and the people, who gave their lives for peace. To feel that you belong to the history,visit the Berlin Wall and memorial complex , try East Side Gallery and go back in time in the halls of the DDR Museum dedicated to the life in GDR.

If not, you also have an opportunity to live an urban life and go to Potsdamer Platz or  Friedrichstrasse, one of the streets with an architecture of “Modern Berlin”. Exquisite taste and posh atmosphere, this is what you find there, because of exclusive offices, nice restaurants, global shops and many other things. Feel free to have a meal on one of those coffee shops, for example Westberlin

Once you are tired of sightseeing, you can make a research on evening/night activities, but TapeMe can certainly recommend you Berghain for techno lovers on Sunday night, Stattbad for some creativity in the art space accompanied with music and culture, or the last, bun not least- Watergate club, if music is an important aspect in your program.

Music became a religion in Berlin, so we advise you to check some of the legendary places out.

In Berlin you will definitely not be bored, because the city is full of places and there are a lot of daily activities to entertain you, dear visitor. Remember to take a warm scarf and a pair of sneakers to feel comfy exploring the town!



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