Lovely Holidayz

Can we call it a moody Thursday?

-Indeed we can.

Holidays are near and people are getting happy and excited about spending some quality time with the family or the loved ones. This time has to be perfect, but what if for some of us it is not…

Sometimes we get too anxious about the things that happen to us or to the ones we care about. This is life, this is how it goes, but still we have to keep control over ourselves and our emotions. Yes, it might be a dark period of your life, yes it is Spring and people tend to change their way of life, yes it is all about you, but… Many times we take spontaneous decisions and burn the bridges, but what if this time we make it different. Pause, breath in and let the anxiety out. It does not affect any of us in a good way, so why let it stay and ruin your happy life?

Enjoy the moment and hold on, ponder unfinished business. In this time of the year no one deserves to be betrayed, heartbroken, upset or something else. Do not let your emotions destroy other people, because it might be you who is having just a bad day and all the additional things you put on a scale do not exist. Do not let the people you love and care be upset with your decisions or your emotional breakdown, because they are the ones that matter!

Spread love not war with TapeMe!


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