One of the most important topics of today’s world is the women emancipation as a long historical process of women fighting for their rights. 

Government had made it for you, that women would have to work and take part in certain activities dedicated to the political machinery. Here we are today, in Europe and many other countries women have equal rights and doing it not any worse than thousands of men out there, but what is really happening to the “weaker sex” ?

It happens to be a big problem that many women are facing an internal battle and paying the cost for being so equal, while males are losing the perception of what it takes being a man. Weird tendencies started to appear, like androgen, various transformations and a total cross action in between the two. Looking back at the history or the bible, it is quite clear that each one has certain attributes and features and that makes man and a woman distinct at the first place and there is no mix, there is only a woman that is a mother and only a man that is a warrior and a getter, there is only Adam and Eve and no questions were made.

Today what we find is that men are being more soft like, they lose their strength and try to hide it behind the sick explanation about equality or personal reasons, because why not?

They tend to be submissive and find it cool that women are dominating. They  make a whole fairytale to cover their own weakness and make it a trend for women empowerment. Of course, why not?  – It must be so cool to have those fantasies, but only for one time action in the bedroom, because if you think about it..

How easy is it to be a woman? Initially you were created to be a mother, so out of two genders there is only one that can actually give birth. This itself is a very hard thing in life, but to this now try to add work, personal and professional growth, talent realisation, private life AND just being a caring loving woman that a man wants to see next to him. That’s all right, that’s what women are like, but what they have added to your list is being dominant and EVEN IN BED. How attractive do you find a man that even in the most simple act he does not want to stand for himself? This is quite sad and absolutely not appealing, because no, it is not a game and a porn category, this is an actual mindporn.

It starts being a little too much and without noticing it, the core values are fading away and everyone is fine with it, but inside every man there must be certain strength to take what it takes to be a man and inside every woman there should be an island that is made out of soft soil, full of love, joy, care and wisdom, because that is what you need to give life and raise a child. 

Look around yourself and rethink together with TapeMe whether it is too much or too little – what you are doing and change the roles to the initials until it is too late!




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