Destiny or choice

What a beautiful word ‘destiny’ and how many different meanings it has.

Each one of us puts something different behind this word, but many times it is just an excuse for the poor choices and low decisions we make. Excusing ourselves is something we all practice, because well…Sometimes it happens to be the wrong time and wrong people around.

Therefore, if you go for the deep analysis of your life and the circumstances that ever occurred, you will see the hidden story line and an actual light in the end of a tunnel, that was there from the beginning. Suddenly you will realise, that may be it is true what people say, and destiny exists and guides you through every step you do. Right or wrong, it does not matter, we all have taken decisions that were not really up to us. If you put yourself back in any situation you have a lot of disgust for, you have goosebumps, but that is just a memory telling you how you felt, but what if you look sober at that, does it have a meaning for you now?

-Indeed it does.

Keep in mind, that your choices are also influenced by some sort of mysterious force and not all the time your brilliant analytical skills, so it is fine, if you don’t understand what you are doing, but you keep on going. Ever happened to be in this situation?

Tape Me is thinking about this topic on a Sunday evening. Is it really true that our whole life is sort of planned and the map is drawn already?  Whether to take a road on the right or the left side, is it the only choice we are capable of making? – Destination or the final point can certainly be defined and not by you… Fortunately, this mysterious force is also giving us a power to analyse and count through the steps, not leaving us totally blind on this dark road.

Choices we make definitely require some preliminary consideration and a deeper thought before we take an action, but the will or desire born inside is definitely not up to us. 

Get to know yourself and figure out your path together with TapeMe and let us know, what has a bigger impact on your life!

Song of the evening: Rudimental – Go Far ft.Will Heard


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