Stockholm story

Beautiful Nordic region and the most populous city.

The capital of Sweden, charming place for those who wishes to feel like Karlsson-on-the-Roof. The city is spread across islands, settled since the Stone Age. Stockholm is the economical and political centre of the country, so you are lucky to see how Swedish people live, what news they follow and what is happening in the country.

Humid climate will make you feel free and fresh, because of the wind and constant breeze. It might be a bit cold, but don’t worry, the desire to explore the place will set your heart on fire. It is better to get up early, because days are not that long, but you have a lot to see.

Tape Me is recommending you one of the central locations to stay in, such as Gamla Stan, which is the old town or Södermalm, if you are feeling funky and want to be close to locals. On the other hand, if you feel like having it elegant way, you can let yourself enjoy the stay in Östermalm that is the most exclusive part of the city with impressive buildings, specialty boutiques and many other things for wealthy people.

Starting your journey early morning, you can have breakfast in one café called Greasy Spoon. You will enjoy some of the fresh cooked omelettes, yoghurt with berries and tasty sandwiches to get you full. 

The day is just starting and there are a lot of attractions to see and things to do, so get warm grabbing a coffee on your way and go to one of the most interesting museums, like Fotografiska for contemporary photography or may be Artipelag, that is located in one of the archipelagos. There you will find a design shop and outdoors restaurants with a stunning marine view. 

If you feel like you want to be above the crowds, above the clouds feel free to try the City Skyliner to bring you up there in the sky to see the city.  In a different case, a beautiful place you might enjoy is a Djurgården, a calm royal land. If you get there by early afternoon, feel free to have lunch as you can find many restaurants with quality food. One of those is “Rosendals”.

Stockholm is full of beautiful parks, museums and art exhibitions, so make sure you check the agenda to see. if there are any activities of your taste taking place in a moment. 

Apart of the sightseeing and nature, the city is also ready to offer you a big variety of night clubs and bars to keep you happy.  If you feel like trying something extreme, check out the Icebar to feel the spirit, but if you prefer traditional way, we can recommend you Marie Laveau with a large bar and a club downstairs. The other way of spending the evening is a relaxed atmosphere and extremely good cocktails in Guldbaren by Nobis Hotel. Tape Me recommends you not to mix the drinks, but if you feel like it – Mixology bar is for you.

Stockholm is going to take care of your fun night as well as your hangover by hosting you in one of the parks, so you enjoy the fresh air, while warm cozy places will be awaiting you to come for dinner with soup or may be some well made steaks.

Enjoy the Scandinavian Paradise together with TapeMe!


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