Honey mustard

What can be better, than a nice dinner at home with some wine and a good company?

You create it all yourself, including the atmosphere.

Today TapeMe is going to drop you one recipe for dinner. The main ingredient of today is a honey mustard. Don’t think it is some nasty burger, better get ready to write down the ingredients you will need:

  1. Chicken filet 
  2. Honey mustard
  3. Potatoes
  4. Caramelised onion
  5. Rucola Salad
  6. Cherry tomatoes
  7. Olive oil
  8. Salt 
  9. Pepper
  10. Oregano

First, we will make the potatoes as they take longer to cook. If you are a lucky owner of the oven, than your life is going to be easier, because you just have to wash the potatoes, cut it into pieces to make it look like slices of an orange and dip in olive oil mixed with salt and pepper. Almost ready, so heat up the oven to 170 C, cover the oven-tray with foil and start putting the pieces one by one. Once you covered the tray, take some oregano and spread it all over, but not too much, otherwise you will ruin the taste. 

Option B for those, who does not have an oven, is to cut roundels of potatoes and proceed further  with olive oil, but instead of covering the oven-tray, you will be covering a pan and putting it on fire.

Second, cut the chicken filet into a medium sized cubes. Heat up the pan, add some olive oil and start frying the chicken. Once you start noticing it is turning white, add honey mustard, so it will be floating in the sauce, a lot of sauce! Put it on low heat and let it stay there to get cooked. 

Please note that potatoes take longer than chicken, so calculate the approximate time to ensure they both are going to be hot when serving. 

It takes about 25 minutes for the chicken and around 40 to cook the potatoes, but it all depends on the kitchen equipment you have. 

The next step is very easy, because you just have to wash some cherry tomatoes and rucola to get it ready to turn into a salad. Take a big plate and on the side put some rucola, than tomatoes and the STAR of the show – caramelised onion. If you see that it is looking good to you, then take some Balsamic Cream and draw thin lines on top to give it an artistic touch. 

Hopefully, by the time you are ready with the plates, the dinner itself is ready. 

Divide the plate into 3 parts (visually) to make sure salad is not ruined and potatoes are not covered in mustard! Now you got the idea how to fit it all in the plate and yes, it is a proper dinner.

Make sure you do not forget about the etiquette to lay the table for your beloved ones. A good addition to this type of meal would be a white fresh baguette and a glass of wine!

Enjoy the time, you little chef!






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