31 of March is not a special date, but it is a good time for a little throwback. 

Spring is such a time, when people are changing their “skin” like chrysalis is changing into a butterfly. We are getting ready for a new summer, new memories and maybe new adventures. Before we take a breath and make a first step into the new period, it is good to look back in time and think what we had, what we have now and what we want in the future. Many days we spend without realising that every person, every situation and every blink of an eye matters. It matters who happened to cross your path back in the years, because it influenced who you became. 

No need to go back in the Stone Age. Think of last year… Many things, right? 

It seems like there is an abysm between those two people. We grow every day, personally or professionally, it does not really matter. The perspective vision of a life and growth also changes (hopefully) and it is something you have to think about and the time is now. Thank those, who was there and forgive those that were not. There is a good quote, saying that past friendships are irrelevant when you are in a great circle and past lovers are irrelevant when you find a soulmate. Can you relate this to your life now? 

The truth is, we might be indecisive sometimes, but here is a tip for you. Spring is a good time to think on how you want it to be like – the best part of your year, THE SUMMER. Unnecessary friends that make a crowd without any value, you don’t need them, pointless relationship you can also let go. It is time for a change, both internal and in your surrounding. Did you have ‘an operation X’ for the summer? – We don’t even want to hear, because the time has come. 

Does not matter, whether your plan includes a 2 kg. weight loss, the change of country, a break up or saying those 3 words to the love of your life, it is going to be fine. 

The wind that is just getting warm in these first months of Spring is going to deliver you to the destination! 

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