Built-in Brands

We live in a world, where every single individual is a consumer of certain goods and a customer for certain brands. The market is in overdrive and the abundance of consumer choice reflects no sign of letting up. Big brands and names absorbed us into their life and not the other way around. They did an amazing job converting us into robots, but hey!

Let’s admit, we live in a digital world and more than 1,900 new apps are getting added to the App Store of Apple EVERY DAY! Little companies and start ups are going to make you experience everything you want and they will try to fulfil your expectations.

In 2016, built-in brands will help consumers get, do and experience more by BUILDING themselves into new channels and touchpoints.

Asia is a top market, where consumers cram for something new everyday, so the solution is to look for brands that will eliminate the need for more cramming.  On the opposite side, the companies are willing to do everything possible to build their offering into the existing structure of daily life.

New trendy word – “cramming” is circulating across the Asia. Cramming is reaching its limit, because people always want more and it became the essential desire. Except the fact that people want more, they also want all at once. Transmitting this from philosophy to the real life, on a simple example of Uber integrating with Spotify, you can get an idea of what the tendency is like at the moment.

Another wonderful example of how the companies integrate with our life on a daily basis is SAMSUNG Family Hub Refrigerator. It simply allows people to shop from their kitchen. Cool, isn’t it?

Samsung made it this way, so you don’t have to think about your groceries, what to buy and how to pay, because they partnership with MasterCard. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

77% of residents of Hong Kong have to answer the calls and work during their leisure time, so it kind of explains why they are always anxious for something new.

It is really exciting how fast we are moving forward in this digital world, but don’t forget we are still human, so don’t get too fascinated by the fact that soon you will not have to move from your couch. Still couple of years to go till those technologically advanced inventions will be adapted in Europe!

Stay tuned with TapeMe!


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