Absurd life on Instagram

Followers, likes, news feed.

Those are the words you use everyday and those are the words you care a lot about. How many likes did you get today on your selfie? How many people are following you?

If it is too little – you are not cool, if it is too much – you bought it. 

Here goes the discussion about “what is actually behind this whole idea of life on Instagram.”

TapeMe is willing to tell you how it all works from the inside. 

By 2016 Instagram engagement dropped by over 60 %. Quite a big number for you, Instagram addicts. All of this is happening due to the appearance of different ad platforms focused on ROI. Everybody wants to get money out of their social media presence. Easy, simple and smart, nothing to add. In the same time, you are just a user and a potential customer for all that crap you see in your news feed as “sponsored”. This is one side of a coin. Nothing wrong about this aspect of SM, while you are on the side of an entrepreneur promoting his business.

Now, let’s look on the other side of a coin. If you do not have a business, there is your image or your IG account. If you do not relate to the circle of famous people, celebrities or any sort of influencers, answer yourself a question : “Why do I care about the followers and likes I get on my pictures?”

Hopefully you do have a meaningful answer, but if not, we will answer for you. Everybody wants to have a perfect life with a little effect and through a perfect filter, so that everyone who looks at it will think positive!

No, this is not a reality, this is an Instagram surreal world. A very smart application got out of use just because of people out there spreading a wrong image about the life priorities, beauty standards, fashion trends, humour and what not. The funniest and the most absurd part is that, if you actually post a good beautiful picture of something that belongs or relates to you, you will get the smallest amount of likes from your “friends” on Instagram, just because nobody is happy for you or nobody cares. There is only one emotion behind the screen that is called jealousy.  The study showed, that most of IG addicts are having a hard time fighting a depression.

You being a user of IG do not have to cope up with this ugly trend. You do not have to capture every moment of your life, your food, your smile or your entire face every moment to show people how happy you are. Sometimes it is better for you not to show and for them to not know, because none of the reactions are positive, unless from the real friends that are probably next you this moment. Drop the phone, enjoy your moment. Go show your beauty and the outfit to the world, to people that appreciate it and your attributes. Nobody cares how your salad looks, the most important is for you to have a good meal. 

There are so many things you can do and enjoy in real life, that if you think about it, you will forget how the IG icon looks like. It is not a right way to follow the news, not the right way to “enjoy the moment” and not the right perception of a life. 

Go live a real life now with TapeMe!


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