Take Me Somewhere Nice

And suddenly, everything falls into places, people into places and memories into pieces. It is all unnatural, your will to build up a castle out of the broken glass.

Remember you as a child, sitting on the shore believing that castles made of sand will last forever, but eventually a wave will destroy it. You cry, because your imaginary world got conquered and it is not you, who let it go. There is beauty in everything, in the destruction and in this massive blue wave with a cotton white foam that is washing the sand away, every minute. You might not know it is going to be damaged, your whole idea of a castle made of sand, but step away, take a look, remember it forever and watch it getting soaked into the blue abyss.

It is scary, it is sad, sometimes pointless, but it was only done for a beauty of it. Accepting the harsh reality might be not the easiest thing to do, but it is as necessary as a breath of a fresh air to keep on living. We have to let go, places,people, pieces of our memòries, just so something else will have a chance to appear there. Remember when you were a child, so focused on the castle getting destroyed, that you missed out a boat far on the horizon. Back than you also thought, there is nothing else beautiful, even though you dreamed of sailing so much.

Song of the day : Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice

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