Ice Ice baby

It is getting hot in TapeMe HQ!

Spring is finally here and it is brightening our days with the strong sun. When you get out on the street the only thought is circulating in your mind: ” I would eat an ice cream.”

For those who does not know, ice cream has many types: frozen yoghurt, sorbet, gelato, etc. First ice cream recipes appeared in England in the 18th century. Back in the years it was an expensive treat, but in the end of 19th century it became accessible for everyone, because the average price was around 1 penny. 

Carlo Gatti, a Swiss entrepreneur came to England back in the Victorian era, and he was the first one to start an ice importing business by opening a first ice cream stand outside of Charing Cross station in 1851.

This man certainly made people around the globe very happy by introducing such a dessert. The recipes for ice cream were not public until end of 19th century. Thankfully, years after people had an opportunity to know more about the production and storage, so companies and individual entrepreneurs picked up the idea and started a mass manufacturing and retailing. 

In today’s world we can find many brands that offer us a huge variety of ice cream. After a little research, TapeMe came out with a conclusion, that American Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry, British Carte D’or, Cornetto , Movenpick  and Haagen-Dazs are beating them all because of the variety of flavours, quality, absence of animal fat and many other reasons. 

Surprisingly, if you look at the map of ice cream companies, you find U.S and UK as leading countries in the market. Despite that fact, we truly believe, that there is nothing better than a proper ice cream cone or an Italian gelato with some extraordinary flavour on a sunny day. 

If you happen to be in Barcelona, we strongly recommend you Vioko Ice Cream, Amorino, Gelati di Marco and Cremeria Toscana. You will not be disappointed by those names as it will leave your frozen mouth speechless.

Feel the summer with TapeMe!


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