Budapest – Capital of Freedom

Today TapeMe is going to Budapest!

Budapest is a popular destination for tourists and world explorers. Located in the “Heart of Europe”, the city is ready to offer you 525 sq. km to discover. 

Budapest is the only city occupying both banks of the river Danube and the second capital of Austro-Hungarian Empire. As you might realise, it is a historical place that has a lot of stories to tell, but also it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 

Hungary is in European Union, but the national currency is a Hungarian Forint, so if you are coming from the Eurozone, you are going to feel very rich for a moment. Do not get too excited, because even though the prices are lower, the cost of accommodation is going to be the one that will surprise, because it is well focused on tourists. 

The city is divided into neighbourhoods by numbers, so before you choose a place to stay, we will inform you that the Districts V, VI and VII are the central ones, so you will find a wide array of sights, museums, shops and restaurants. Those neighbourhoods were under reconstruction over the past decade, so they became the modern part of the city with the new pavements and hip street art. 

The city centre is quite big, however you are still very welcome to explore it by foot.  The main things you have to visit are: the Royal Castle, the Rudas Turkish Bath, the Tomb of Gül Baba, the main Váci shopping street, the Great Market Hall, the Soviet War Memorial in Szabadság tér, the biggest church in the whole city Szt. István Bazilika and many other squares and quarters that are happen to be on your way.

Budapest in a multicultural city, so you will find people of different nationalities and different background due to the historical development. For this reason the city also has quarters, where Slavs, Gypsies or Jews are dominating. 

Precisely because of such a diversity, Budapest is ready to offer you the best places to try the cuisine of different cultures. For example, Costes Restaurant is one of the best in the city and is ready to introduce you fine quality ingredients and a big variety of Hungarian wine.  It is very stylish and the atmosphere is friendly, so you will definitely enjoy the experience. 

Another place for a gastronomic journey is a famous restaurant Onyx that received a Michelin star in 2011. There you will find a renewed Hungarian cuisine. If you feel like relaxing during the day in a nice bar, the place called Spinoza is there for you as well. It is located in the Jewish district and the place combines a theater and a gallery, so you might be lucky to see a live performance or a concert, if you are there any time from September to May.

Taking into account a great hospitality of Hungarian people, we can assure that you won’t stay hungry and you won’t be bored. Budapest is a popular place for young adults, so the night life is well adapted to their needs and such nightclubs like Norimuri, Akvarium, Kraft or Ötkert are going to be there to entertain you.  

Keep on exploring with TapeMe!


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  1. I visited Budapest in the summer it’s so beautiful! This really sums it up well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the time!


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