Erotic Art – Oliver Rath

Defining erotic art is quite difficult, because those 2 fluctuate.

Some would say that art and erotism can’t go together, but that’s not right. The awareness about erotic art has grown over the past years, because more and more people are revealing the beauty of the nude body. There is absolutely nothing wrong about, it should not be a taboo, because the natural beauty has been inspiring people to create from the time of Paleolithic caves, where we can still find paintings and carvings.

Starting with Renaissance, there appeared a tradition of producing erotica for the amusement of the aristocracy. Today, erotic artists thrive, but in some circles, many things are still not well accepted, because the standard genres of art are still more common to admire. During the last few centuries, society has broadened its view of what can be considered as art, so more freedom was given to the talented photographers and painters to expose what they really find beautiful and inspirational. 

Today TapeMe is talking about Oliver Rath, a German Photographer that is a professional in Portrait-Fashion and Nude photography. He is a self-taught photographer, because his first career attempts were dedicated to music. He discovered passion for photography after he won RedBull Music Academy in 1995 in NY.  Now he is based in Berlin as his work is concentrated there. In 2012 he opened a gallery for photography and modern art (Rosenthaler Str. 66).

Despite the fact that each one is seeking their own happiness through the photographs and paintings, we can certainly tell you that his works are extremely high-end with a unique taste for fashion. Freaky models, nude bodies, trashy looks, chic installations, contradictory visions  – all of it you can find in his art works. 

His pieces of art could be a great addition to the design of your home or a studio, because they carry this creative vibe in them. If you happened to be in Berlin, do not feel shy to check out the exhibition, but if you are just reading this article, check his web-site to see how amazing people can be!

Photo Credit : Oliver Rath – Revêtir , 26 Feb 2016


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