Evolutionary Snapchat

Welcome to the digital world of a yellow friendly ghost. 

Snapchat is that application on your phone that you constantly use to send private pictures. Funny not funny, it is worth billions of $ and Facebook tried to acquire it, but with no success. Appeared in 2011, Snapchat got millions of users because of its features, but if you think about it, it is not that evolutionary. The pictures that you think are going to be deleted forever can be screenshotted just as any other picture that pops up. Snapchat caused a lot of fun and trouble in the life of millennials, because :

a) you never remember and can never see what the hell you send

b) a lot of people are using it for sexting

c) a lot of compromising material 

d) you think its alright to send f****d  up stuff, just because it lasts 3 seconds

The truth is that Snapchat changed our life, but it is you, who defines whether it did change for the better or worse. How many times have we seen those funny Snapchat moments that were screenshotted and spread all over the media?

-Right, you are watching it every day. 

Not looking at the bad side, we are using Snapchat to talk to our friends, send tons of crap, does not matter, whether it is funny or weird or totally nude. Sometimes we also create a story made up from different moments we managed to share over the day. It is sort of real and sort of not, because in fact you don’t realise what is happening, but you get an idea cause it is so “real-time” that you have your imagination working to finish the story for other people and create a perception of their day. 

Another side, rather positive than anything else is the News. THE NEWS for the teens. It is really cool, modern, sharp and meaningful, God bless Snapchatters that actually check the news and follow some people, whose life makes sense to be shared. 

The last, but not least is a thought about filters. Here we come again. Instagram was not enough for us, Facebook auto edit is also not so wonderful, so we have Snapchat. There you can be a unicorn, a zebra, UFO or a police officer, if you wish so. Brilliant, because is funny, but many people are hiding their faces behind those filters, just because they can’t do without. Another thing to take into account thinking about this so “real instant photo”. 

Tinderellas and Tintinders, remember that she or he might actually be a zebra in real life, so do not trust those filters and don’t get to excited of someone’s story. Quick tip, if you still send naked pics, at least don’t put your face in the camera, because 3 or 10 seconds, we will have enough to screenshot you!

Stay snapchatted with TapeMe!


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