Instant Love

Instant love is not the same as an instant tea.

You have probably tried the second one more times, but lets see what the word “instant” means, when we talk about a thing of heart.

Sometimes it happens to you as well that you meet a person and you actually fade away. No, it is not much about the quality of love that just got born in you, it is about a moment and how much it will mean for you in the future. Just one quick reminder, we are not talking here about drunk hook ups or tinder dates, but casual real life meetings that happen by accident. 

Going back to the topic, we have to get back to this “accident”. After a brainstorming session and various answers from psychologists, we came to a conclusion that creative souls and people that live through every emotion have the most of those “accidents”. They need it in their life like a breath of fresh air, otherwise the world start changing colours. Those accidents, those people that happen to you, those emotions that make you want to put a smile on your face- cherish them the most and hold onto them. Those are going to be the moments that matter in the end, because they pass as fast as a falling star from the sky, but how much power and what a beauty it carries. 

You can call it an “Instant love”, but that’s love in a different form and shape, that is the love for the idea of you, the moment you created by just being present. Here there are no rules and no promises and your task is to make the sparkle last the longest. If you are the one that got chosen and not the one who chose, you have to have a bit of wilderness in you to make it worth the blink. If you don’t share the same vibe, just leave, because a moment, is not something you create, so you don’t have a right to destroy it. Some people live with this,  for some it happened to be a little life that is going to influence their future, so if you just got lucky to be the one, but you are not, all you have to do is go, so the story continues. 

Don’t be scared to hurt, don’t be afraid to leave someone and be left, the moment is a blink of an eye and those that chase them will never stop.

Look for your own moments and special people, get inspired and Carpe Diem with TapeMe!




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