Audiovisual creations

Video art and unreal projections are taking over our life surprising us with real-time effects. There are many things we got used to, such as 3D and 4D movies, projection mapping and holograms, but there is a hell lot more to come out of the dark. 

Not so long ago, we have visited an ArtRoom, where amazing professionals from Eyesberg studio created  “Sublimes Interactions” – an installation to display the craft process. The event has been hosted by Bombay Sapphire, so the three concepts : ice, aether and nature were present.

How it worked? – There was a a screen that was capturing the movements of people and it all was transforming into a video with a soundtrack. It was a totally interactive space with out of this world illumination. The best part of it is that movement became an image, an image turned into music and music became an emotion.

To this you can add endless Gin Tonics of excellent quality and a music perfectly matching to the atmosphere. The guys did an amazing job showing people digital art that you can relate to.

Holographic images and projection mapping is something very common today and something you see as a final result of hours and hours of work. Thank those people that make the unreal digital world real for you enabling you to participate in the creation of an art piece. 

Barcelona is one of the famous cities hosting such events and there are festivals that are focused on the technology and its involvement into the daily life to show that it can be more sensible than it is. 

To see the beautiful creations of digital geeks click the following link and enjoy the story!

Stay digital with TapeMe!


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