The Avener

Many people listen to the famous trending songs and have no idea whose name is behind the track.

The Avener or Tristan Casara is a French music producer. You might know him through the song of 2014 ” Fade Out Lines”or “To Let Myself Go”, but what else can you say?

TapeMe is talking today about a very talented young producer, whose music is taking over the  most famous parties, trending clubs and festivals.

French deep house, that’s what you call this genre. The fame suddenly fell on him in 2014 after the debut single “Fade Out Lines” that you guys were unconsciously listening to on the radio.  

The song was in top 10 hit, so Tristan got a right moment to release the first album ” The Wanderings of the Avener”, which is absolutely great. It is moody, groovy, well mixed and the lyrics… oh those lyrics get stuck in your head for a day or two.

It is not hard to catch The Avener live, if you are in France quite often, but those who want to make sure the visit is going to include his performance, we have to say that the next Beauregard Festival is going to include his set. It is going to take place from 30 June to 03 July, and after he is going to give a tour in the south of France. You might get a chance to catch him there as well, so check his schedule with no doubt, if you enjoy his music. 

His sets are absolutely magnetic and if you love deep house, this is something you will add to the list of your faves!

Stay groovy with TapeMe!


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