Top Spring Destinations

Spring is here at its best and it is time to plan a weekend somewhere nice. 

What can be better than spending a long weekend somewhere by the beach, when the sun is not that strong yet, the weather is mild and the wind is warm?

Right, here we are to give you TOP 5 destinations to go for a spring break or a long weekend. 

#1 Miami, Florida

If you are living in the U.S, it is definitely worth taking a plane and spending some nice time in Miami. The song of Will Smith still rings true thanks to the sexy vibe of South-East Florida’s coastline. You find everything you need in Miami: amazing beaches, good weather, nice people and rocking parties.  

#2 Cancun, Mexico

Wonderful turquoise waters, luxurious resorts, famous parties, young people. Cancun has been in top destinations for a spring break for years. You can attend various festivals, meet famous artists that come there to entertain you, while you are on vacay. Take this opportunity to visit Mexico and combine both, party and a quality resort holiday in an exotic place.

#3 Zadar, Croatia

Croatia became very attractive for tourists these past years and such places like Dubrovnik and Split are always talked about. Zadar has an old town that is situated on peninsula and recent seafront installations are making it a truly interactive experience. The weather might depend on the time, so you might not be able to wear a swimsuit, but you can enjoy other good things, such as relaxing, discovering the city and having an occasional night out in one of the best beach clubs.

#4 Lésvos, Greece

 Lésvos- an island in Greece that was a preferred Roman holiday spot due to its thick southern forest, idyllic orchards and hot springs. The island is also famous for the thermal baths that are worth visiting. Enjoy some nice spa time and explore Greek cuisine that is absolutely great and includes a lot of fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits and olive oil, that the island is also famous for. 

#5 Menorca, Spain

Menorca is one of the islands in the Balearic Sea that is famous for its endless beaches, pine trees, crystal blue water and watered bays. In May it could be a perfect destination , if you want to have a family vacation or a calm break. The island is not that full of tourists by this time, which makes it even more attractive, because you can enjoy the tranquility and meanwhile try out some good Spanish restaurants.

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  1. Only been to Cancun out of all these places and I loved it! Desperately want to see all on this list


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