John Thackara – Doors of Perception

The future is now.

John Thackara is the author of a popular blog “How To Thrive In The Next Economy”. He organizes conferences and festivals in which social innovators share knowledge.

John Thackara is speaking about Urban Future. Social practices are the key to urban transformation. The priority is on the so called transactive capacity of a city, in other words the services, policies, platforms, hubs and infrastructures that are needed to help communities share, collaborate, and construct.

“The most important urban projects put the vitality of social end ecological systems at the top of the agenda. –  Thackara explains – In planning terms, this translates into support for sites of social creativity: Maker spaces, recycling projects, craft breweries, bake houses, productive gardens, community kitchens, and the like. Every city needs a lot of these and other commons-based spaces. In their business support programmes, cities need to focus on platform co-ops in which value is shared fairly with the people who make them valuable. “Value” here means shelter, transportation, food, mobility, water, elder care”.

You can meet the design expert at the workshops and exhibitions the following months in UK, Italy, Chile, Belgium, Austria and Sweden!

 He will present “Future Ways of Living”, a cycle of events dedicated to directions in global innovation. At the exhibition they will be bringing together a variety of ideas on the themes of design, future cities and sustainability. To get inspired with the bright ideas of modern influencers, visit the exhibition and make sure you get to see all the rooms, where various designers create the future.

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