Majid Jordan

Music really affects how we feel, see neutral faces and pay attention. There are more things to take into account, when choosing a song or an artist, but we won’t play wrong. Today TapeMe is talking about Majid Jordan. 

Majid Jordan is not a name of the guy, but a name for the duo. Majid Al Maskati is an R&B singer and Jordan Ullman is a producer of the whole thing. They became very famous after the track “My Love” with Drake, and well, do not wonder, because they are signed to OVO Sound, a label co-founded by Drake.

The guys met in University of Toronto in 201 1 and were working hard under the pseudonym Good People until in 2013 Majid Jordan co-produced Drake’s track ” Hold On, We’re Going Home”. The album went platinum, so the collaboration between Drake and this duo started to be recognized.

Hours and days of hard work led guys to the first successful single “My Love” that was released straight to Apple Music and iTunes store. Drake made it all happen, but well, what a rare combo – soft high-pitched voice, similar motifs, echoing piano and modern hip-hop and R&B mastering.  

Guys are just getting there little by little, but what they already do so good is bringing an alternative R&B to life and making the whole movement a bit softer, nicer and relaxing.



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