The kids. You think they are still 15, but hell no, they are among you, living, working, creating and destroying the leftovers of the morals their parents put in their heads. The funny truth is that they are the most contrast characters, both happy and suffering from depression. Does not matter on what scale, but it is happening and people around are too blind to see, that they are the ones that need help the most. Instead, they are being fed the things that are called “modern”.

Who are those guys dictating the rules of life? 

They are everywhere, on every billboard you see, every food you eat and everything you watch from the screens of your devices. 

The little story starts here: Emily drinks Coca-Cola, smokes Marlboro, buys Orbit gum and eats at McDonald’s. She always smells like Dolce Gabbana and carries her newest iPhone in the bag  from Louis Vuitton. She goes on Tinder dates, listenning to music from Itunes.
At the same time Emily is absolutely sure, that advertising has no impact on her, and a sick stomach and an empty wallet – it’s her own choice.
Predatory snouts from the TV support Emily in her naive fallacy: “You are a free person, darling, you’re an intelligent and beautiful woman, you are always completely voluntary choosing what to spend your next salary on.”

The story is over, but not exactly. Millennials are totally losing it. What they actually need is more of a realistic life approach and people that still have some taste to life.

We or they cultivated a movement, that is doing nothing but emptying the soul and the heart of each one out there. We were the ones who grew up like this, with the values fading away, with the eyes wide open and heart purely blind, so all of that got filled with the superficial stuff, brands, names and meaningless faces and even more meaningless relationships. On the other day may be a cocktail is not what you need, and may be the new outfit is not worth it, but may be lets just take a plane to the other side, where nature is still alive and people still have feelings and some sort of sensation for this life. We are so not making it further, we are only draining ourselves out looking for the emotions to fill the emptiness, that is left inside.

Great Job, we are raising institutions, becoming a part of the social and governmental structure, we are building up the companies and strive for success and money, but when it comes does it actually bring you the happiness?

The answer is inside of you. 

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