Beach Weekend

Summer is officially here and it is time to travel with TapeMe.

Those that can not stay in one place all the time, know that urge to book tickets and go somewhere for at least 2 days. Weekends are perfect for that, so that even the most busy people can afford it.  TapeMe is going to give you 10 ideas of places to visit to satisfy your body and your soul.

#1 Marbella

Luxurious place in the south of Spain next to Gibraltar. Worth visiting, if you are craving stylish weekend and want to see how rich expats create own space for themselves.

#2 Mallorca

The star of Mallorca is Nikki Beach Mallorca to spend a day or two enjoying the sun, music, fun people from all over the world and rivers of champagne to boost the mood.

#3 Formentera

Dangerous spot close to Ibiza, but how beautiful that is. Crystal clear water, white sand, numerous boats around and happy people.

#4 Malta

Malta is a very nice country to visit. You can meet a lot of students, young people and tourists from neighbour countries coming to spend some time, enjoying the caved beaches and warm weather.

#5 Sardegna

Autonomous Italian Island is very famous for it´s beauty, but few really appreciate it. Wonderful place for those that love Italian food, mentality and hospitality. Get your tummies ready for a weekend.

#6 Nice

A little posh, capital of a French Riviera. Absolutely stunning, but is going to be a bit expensive, however with a class, because there a lot of nice places to see and people to meet. Gourmet weekend “A La Française”.

#7 Portofino

Little spot close to the border with France. It is usually full of people, tourists coming by boats from neighbour cities, but it is a wonderful little piece of Italian land with its own charm and castles. Beach clubs, parties in the mansions and good food guaranteed.

#8 Ibiza

The name says it all. If you want to release some energy, rave in and let it all go – it is a place for you. Endless days, loud music, island life and delicious Spanish food, that´s what you find.

#9 Lanzarote

Canary Islands, and that one is the most quiet. Perfect place to go with a family and spend a relaxed weekend. The sun is strong, but the ocean will cool you down. It is an off shore zone, so you spend little, but get a lot in return.

#10 Barcelona

May be should be placed first, but we give it a 10 out of 10. If you are ready to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing and partying at night, you have to give it a go. Perfect for any of those three you choose.



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