What a nice name for a restaurant. 

Chéri is located in the city center of Barcelona, on a beautiful street called Enrique Granados. It is very green and lovely, so you can call it a perfect spot for the terrace. You will not miss it, because  the entrance will grab your attention. The restaurant is very cozy and stylish inside, which is good for the winter days, but for summer lovers it offers a big terrace and a wonderful service outside. 

Chéri is very known in the city for their lunch menu and a variety of dishes. Not to lie, there is not a plate, we would not recommend. Typical Spanish Paella or Steak Tartar might be your choice as well as Tartiflette with Fried Quail. The quality of food is excellent and so is the service. The staff will make sure you have enough of muscles in your paella and your glass of wine is filled. To feel the Spanish life, we recommend you to order Sangria with Cava, which is very fruity and tasty – perfect for the summer. 

Besides nice atmosphere and a good service, Chéri is ready to offer you a personalized service for a business meeting or a group dinner. They will try their best to create a relaxing atmosphere and will ensure everything goes smoothly during the dinner. 

 Coffee break in the shade of the leaves, business lunch or a group dinner – TapeMe recommends you this place with a sweet name.


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