Café del Mar

Welcome to Sunny Barcelona!

Enough of the most touristic places, it is time for you to leave your guide and follow the crowd. Not a single day you can be bored, so in the city full of surprises and new places, you have to explore and try. 

TapeMe is recommending you a completely new hidden spot on top of the Maremagnum in Puerto Viejo. Close your eyes, when you enter, and follow the music. On the top floor you will find this beautiful spacious place called “Café del Mar” with a big terrace decorated in beige tones. Sunday is a perfect day to attend a new party starting at 19.00 named “Clandestino” for those that want to feel united with a crowd.  Those people know how to create the mood. Happy vibes and a good service is guaranteed as well as a beautiful sunset reflecting the rays on your skin. 

If you feel like having a relaxing afternoon, but still enjoy the atmosphere and the music, feel free to ask for a private dining area, so you can enjoy the variety of tapas, different snacks and drinks. The Staff is going to take care of your privacy and will make sure you enjoy your time. 

The last, but not least to mention, Maremagnum is located right in the Port, so the sea breeze is going to follow you until the night and fantastic city views will please your eyes while you are dancing under the latest hits of the summer.

Feel the groove and stay tuned with TapeMe!


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