Wind of Change

Summer’16 happened to be one of the most interesting in the life of many people. Here we won’t talk about the vacation, parties and new friends you have made, but rather life changes that those three months brought.

There is a scientific explanation to all the changes that are happening to people around the globe. 2016 is a year of a Monkey, and as we all know those restless creatures are always jumping from one tree to another looking for a better spot. This has a direct impact on us, humans, because Monkey will patronize adventurers.

Apart of the Chinese Star Horoscope and mythology, stars and planets are also having their influence. As for example, many people were changing the activity and looking for the professional growth by the end of Spring, beginning of Summer and all of that is because Mars and Jupiter  were affecting Earth in a different way. Jupiter this year is in a Virgo house, which means it will bring a lot professional changes to the hard workers.

Mercure is also in the active phase from April to May and August to September, and that one is a rapid planet responsible for commercial matters in certain star signs. Venus is also there waiting for you to catch the wave and follow the love adventure. This literally lovely planet is always looking after your love affairs and is going to strengthen her influence March to April and August to September, so watch out.

It can be funny and ridiculous, but no one can deny the fact that this year showed an extreme importance in the past 6 months in terms of life circumstances. All you hear is how people are changing jobs, apartments, countries, going on a world trip or getting married. It was happening always, but this year pay attention to your life plans and if before you had doubts, make sure you get rid of them, because stars are helping you to make a move.

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