The Beauty of Moving On

The progress starts once you are out of your comfort zone and even though it is very typical to say that, it remains very actual. All the people have doubts and fears, but it is only up to you to overcome it. It does not matter whether we are talking about the toxic relationship you can not escape from or the job that you hate, or maybe the place where you live. New things are always exciting, we all know, but what is more exciting is changing your life towards better future. 

Don’t start thinking now that what you have is actually not that bad and you can live with it. Of course you can, but do you have to? – No.

Everything is possible in this world, you only have to want it. It all starts inside of you and those typical defending words, like I have no resources, no money, no idea of how to do something are not going to help you. The whole universe is going to work on you, if you just put the priorities and define a road to your destination. You build your future yourself and not the job, not a relationship not a flat you live in are going to help you achieve your dreams. You are a dreamer, a believer and a DOer. The time to define your goals and challenge yourself had already come and you are just clinging onto the old good things. 

Moving on is possible, if you find yourself unhappy where you are. It might be difficult at the beginning, especially if you are not changing the flat, but a country, however you will discover a new world, a new you that will never be able to come back to the same dimensions. It will broaden your vision and open up some unknown parts of your personality. It is an interesting journey inside yourself and don’t be afraid, the essential things for life will fall into places, once you satisfy your mind. 

The same theory applies for the toxic friends, relationship and your employment. If it makes you happy, keep it, but if there came a part where you question yourself, then it is time for a change. Yes, there will be other people, other friends, other love and job market is full of offers, you just have to want one to be able to see it. 

Everyone is looking for happiness, but you will not find it, unless you start chasing your dreams! 

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Photo Credit: Chance Scoggins


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