Oktoberfest as it is!

It is the best time of the year for all the Germans out there. The crazy time of Oktoberfest has officially arrived and this saturday Munich welcomed tourists from all over the world to join this massive event.

Plenty of tents, Bavarian food, litres of beer and a lot of fun – in a short description. When you enter in a tent, you would face the sea of people chaotically moving with the music. Get your shoes ready, because yes, you will probably be dancing on the table after couple of beers. Beer on Oktoberfest is a lot stronger than usual, so make sure you get some food in between. The Bavarian food is very heavy, but delicious. Treat yourself with some traditional dishes and of course, pretzels! Pretzels everywhere.

On Oktoberfest you also find many attractions, which is fun, if you are not afraid to take a ride on the roller coaster after drinking. You will find them at the end of the area, and to be honest the best time is in the evening, when you can see the city lights. Everything is turning into a drunk fairytale, or at least it seems so.

Nevertheless, keep your mind clear, because accidents happen often and you do not want it. The event starts from 9 – 10 a.m and closes at 10 p.m, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the whole performance. Sometimes, there are German bands playing music in the tents and that is when all the crowd feels patriotic and start shouting the songs from the bottom of their heart. You will feel the true spirit of Germany taking you over.

A little note to those coming from abroad: even if you are a tourist, you can still go all in and buy yourself an Oktoberfest outfit in one of those costume shops around Karlsplatz. The typical dress for the girls is called Dirndl, which is very pretty and comes in all colours and variations. What is regarding guys outfit, they will have to put on Lederhosen, which are leather shorts and also, not to forget, grab some wool socks and may be typical shoes, if you feel like dressing up!

Get ready to dive in the Oktoberfest, Wiesn friends!



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