Grey Munich is ready to offer some food for your soul. The city has an “art area” that includes Pinakothek de Moderne, Glyptothek, Museum of Antique Art and Lenbachhaus. 

Lenbachhaus is the gallery in the city centre, that is located in the former villa of Franz von Lenbach. The building has been renovated couple of times, however  some of the rooms have kept their original design. The gallery contains a variety of works by Munich painters and contemporary artists, in styles such as The Blue Rider and New Objectivity.

The Lenbachhaus is most famous for the large collection of paintings by The Blue Rider, a group of expressionist artists established in Munich in 1911 which included, among others, the painters Wassily Kandinsky, Gabriele Münter, Franz Marc, August Macke, Marianne von Werefkin, and Paul Klee. If you are the true lover of expressionism, then it is a right place for you to spend some hours. The gallery has a big collection of Kandinsky artworks as well as August Macke and Gabriele Münter. It gathered together the history and art of creation at once. The gallery is divided into parts, so you can easily follow the line between prime years of the XX century and the very end. The objects of the art works change together with the historical path and the techniques shown by the famous painters also evolve with time. 

Apart of the collection of the famous artist, you can also go back in time by visiting the gallery of Lenbach himself, where the decor and the paintings still carry the vibe. The dark room barely has any lighting in order to keep the mysterious atmosphere and let you feel the ambiance of past years. Those three rooms are being taken care of, so you can actually feel the authenticity and be part of such a great history. Lenbach was famous for the portraits, so you will find many of them represented in the room. 

Even in case you are not a big an of art and your knowledge could be advanced, you can request the portable device at the reception in order to listen to the guide and get a bit of background information about every single piece of art being displayed in the gallery. 

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