Roaring Twenties

Many of us are constantly looking forward to personal and professional growth. When we are reaching early 20’s we start thinking about future, our career, our plans and places. We start proactively working on our dreams, some are doers and some are believers, but even this is enough. And so, there comes a point, where you are technically where you planned to be in the X amount of time. You are there and you are supposed to be happy, but you are not. You are looking back at those fun times, when every dream was just a goal and somewhere in the future, but it kept you going on and on and on. You look back at the happy faces, careless days and all this sparkle it was covered with and you start wondering, whether it is you or it’s the time that changed. 

Darling, we all grow up. Eventually it will happen, when you will be sitting there, still very young, but already full of stories, made plans and very vague understanding of your future path. Twenties are those years, when you are extremely lost and don’t know where to go and what for, because it is so uncertain and scary. Scary, this is when you jump. You jump towards your dream, something you want to do and makes you happy, something that entertains your mind and soul. You go somewhere you haven’t been before, find people that make you grow together with them and find hobbies that match your wishes. It might be all not perfect, hard at times, but it is worth it, because you will be changing and changing according to your inner desire to get that sparkle back. If you stop, you start looking back and holding onto that bright youth we all had, but remember, there is beauty in every stage. Sometimes sad, boring or breaking, sometimes you might want to drop it all, but even if you do, some things we can not change, because the time machine is not invented and you can’t be somewhere or do some sort of an activity you were not prepared for. Take the early 20’s like school years, but now this is a school of life. It is time to show your voice and stand for yourself. 

-Where did it all go?

You will keep on asking, where is everything you used to have as a teenager, why we don’t smile that much anymore, why we don’t have that much of good people around and why everything is just different. It is all simple, you lived through it all and what you carry with you are just the leftovers of those laughs like an echo in your head. Still feels good, but won’t last forever. Now you know what it sounds like and you know what people to surround yourself with to get it back. 

Following the history, things always fall into places at the right moment and a right time, and this is what happens to all of us. These are not dark times, not a depression, this is a process of learning and finding yourself , which is as hard as the year end exams in school. You have to pass it to move on. 

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