Zip Line

Adventurers, pay attention!

Winter season is here, new year and new resolutions. Apart of the typical holiday activities, people are also doing fun stuff and explore the world while on vacay. 

One of the popular winter destinations is Andorra, Formal and other little villages in the Spanish Pyrenees. It is an absolutely lovely place with beautiful landscapes and plenty of things to do, if you do not ski. Except shopping and SPA, you can go visit around and see the national parks, lakes and go climb the mountain, but there is one little hidden thing that will make you excited to try – zip line over the lake. 

Tirolina – thats what it is called in Spanish, will take you from one side to the other over the beautiful lake. The emotions you experience are incredible and the views will get stuck in your head forever. Tirolina is located in Av. Sabocos, 6, 22662 Hoz de Jaca, Huesca, Spain  and is open 11 a.m to 5 p.m, but recently they are offering you a night adventure, when you can cross the lake under the moonlight. The height of the mountain is 1.270 m, so it is not for the weak ones. 

New Year – New Resolutions, so may be it is a perfect time to let all your fears go and free your mind. 60 seconds of an extreme fun and unforgettable experience!

Do you dare?


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