Fitur – International Tourism

The most famous word across Instagram bloggers and travel lovers – wanderlust.

How many people love to travel and how many of them really have a knowledge about the travel industry, hospitality and its’ development over 21st. century? 

TapeMe is here to tell you about one of the biggest trade shows for international tourism. 

“FITUR is a global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading trade fair for inbound and outbound Ibero American markets.

In 2015-confirming the trend towards recovery in the industry- 9,605 exhibiting companies from 164 countries/ regions124,659 trade participants and 107,213 people from the general public, met during FITUR.

Moreover among the participation figures of note was the presence of  7,184 journalists from 60 countries, a turnout that demonstrates the importance of FITUR on the international circuit of tourism sector events.”

Fitur is taking place every year in Madrid, Spain, where professionals can meet to discuss the future of the travel industry, such an important sector of the global economy. Not only business people can participate, but also individuals that somehow relate or interested in this field. If you are looking forward to expand your knowledge about the industry or want to exchange some interesting thoughts with people that have experience, Fitur opens the doors for the public over the weekend. 

Whats new is happening in the industry? 

This year you can find a whole separated area dedicated to the technology in the hospitality, that became so important with the development of the cloud services and business consulting platforms. 

Another interesting thing to point out is the variety of the tourism directions. For example, in 2016 the medical tourism reached a big audience, especially in Spain, Germany, Singapore and other Asian countries. One of the upcoming trends in 2017 is the musical tourism focused on the cultural cities that attract the most famous musicians and have the biggest concert halls in the whole world.

You are on time to discover a whole new world for yourself. 

What is that you are interested in and where does wanderlust take you?





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