Oscar & The Wolf

Oscar & The Wolf aka Max Colombie is taking over the charts with his special music. 

Few people know it is a solo artist form Belgium, that composes songs and music himself. Critical success he gained with the album Entity, released in April 2014. The album went double platinum in Belgium and the most popular songs ” Princes”, “Undress” and “Strange Entity” took over the radio stations. 

“In an interview with Pi-Pôle, Max revealed the meaning behind his band’s name: “Oscar is a name I really like – it’s poetic and light. And wolf is the dark animal that comes out at night and howls to the full moon, and moon stands for solitude and coldness. It’s bright and dark together, because that’s how I see my music – as a balance between light and dark.”

You can only find few songs across YouTube, SoundCloud and Itunes, just because such artists like him are yet to debut their albums in the USA. His music is really special and extraordinary, however very soft and pulsing with an otherworldly desire. It seems to be very emotional, just like his stage name, a bit mysterious and dark. 

Every song is like a little story, full of passion and unsaid words to someone to love. The majority of the songs are about lust and desire mixed with fear and agony. One of the most famous singles together with Raving George is ” You’re mine” that was rocking the clubs over the summer 2016. 

Let’s hope he will make it to the top charts and meanwhile enjoy the music with TapeMe.



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