Brasserie Colette Tim Raue

The German edition of restaurants is in progress and another one to review today is Brasserie Colette. 

Feel like eating something different, like snails and oysters instead of schnitzel? Colette might be the place for you. It is a chain of restaurants in Munich, Berlin and Konstanz. 

Have to point out that the lay out is quite strange for such places, but nevertheless it is quite cozy and nice. The service is good and staff is being attentive to the clients. 

Surprisingly Colette does not have a  large variety of wine, so we recommend you to go for the safe choice of Chardonnay or Sauvignon, unless you are in November and Beaujolais is a must. Other than a wine menu, the variety of dishes is quite fine for meat lovers and seafood addicts. You can try oysters as a starter or muscles in the garlic sauce, we give it a 5 out 5. The second choice would be the artichokes, if you happened to be vegetarian. Those were delicious too. 

TapeMe and the team, we like exploring new places and new food, so if you are willing to risk, try TarTar out of beef, but if not Bœuf Bourguignon is the one for you together with some puree on the side. 

Colette is a nice and pretty place for dinner, it is quite and relatively small, so could also work for a date for two. If you are craving some french food or just something different, while you are in Germany, that might be a place worth checking out!

Stay hungry with TapeMe!



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