While we are travelling around Europe, we are also giving you an opportunity to look at it from the inside and learn the tips!

Today we are talking about Lisbon, Portugal. What a lovely city – must say! If you love warm countries, there is no doubt you will like Lisbon for it’s amazing weather, hospitality and little streets full of places to discover.

It is just March, but the weather is already great, so if you want to see the sun and take those jackets off, time to book your tickets. Once you are there get ready to let it all go, because prices are lower than in the rest of the European countries. If you are looking forward to stay in the centre, TapeMe recommends Heritage hotels. There you would feel like you are living in a very well designed cozy summer house. 

Lisbon can offer you many things, from the simple sightseeing and city holiday to a relaxing time, if you go a bit outside of the city to Oeiras or around. Once you arrive to Lisbon, do not mind the distance, because it really takes 10 minutes from the airport to the city centre and yes, it is extremely cheap. Once arrived, of course you would want to see around and our favourite places would be the Avenida de Liberdade with a lot of shops, nice cafes and simply a beautiful central district. If you continue down the street you would arrive to the embankment of the Tagus river. Be impressed by the views and keep in mind you are looking at the longest bridge in Europe (Vasco da Gama Bridge) that goes from  Parque das Nações, a beautiful green area that includes a platform for exhibitions and concerts as well as a big variety of restaurants and bars with amazing views and great food (of course).

If you try to escape from there to the city centre, you might see the contrast between the modern new neighbourhood in Parque das Nações and the rest of the city, that holds the history in between those little streets that go high up and down through the whole city. A place to hang out in the evening and socialise would be in the Bairro Alto, where you will find plenty of bars, restaurants and lounges to spend a good evening and have a cocktail or two. One of those places is a Mexican bar Clandestino with great Mexican and Peruvian food to keep it spicy. For wine lovers there is a BA Wine do Bairro Alto with a huge wine selection. To keep the party, you can try out Cinco Lounge or the Sky Bar for the views. 

The night is young and so are we, so once you have enjoyed the urban life, wake up and start discovering the city from the other side, like museums, arts and history! 

Keep on travelling with TapeMe!


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