Pacific Times Munich

Pacific Times – what a lovely name already!

A very casual, but yet so classy and stylish bar close to Isartor in Munich. It is a perfect place to have a quite dinner and a few drinks. The atmosphere is very cozy and calm, the restaurant is made in typical for London bars brown colours. Food menu is not very big, but the quality is excellent, whether you take a beef tartar or salmon plate, you will no be disappointed. The staff is very well trained and very friendly and helpful, in case you are struggling with choosing a drink form a BOOK of cocktails. That is pretty impressive, because even if you choose a cocktail just like pointing your finger into the sky, we can assure you it will be extremely good. 

You do not need to wait for hours to get your food, but if you feel hungry, this place is going to offer you carrots on ice. Yes yes, carrots. Well, carrots are better than a piece of bread, no carbs for you tonight hey!

If you are planning to have a dinner on the weekend it is better to make a reservation, because in this city you never know how many thirsty and hungry people will come. Be safe and reserve a table to ensure you are comfortable and can enjoy delicious food. However, to be fair the bar is pretty big as well, so for a drink it can be a good option. Feel like you are back in the 80’s sitting there at the bar having your whiskey and telling the story of your life to the bar tender (or may be not, they will not listen). 

In any case, it is a good option, if you want to try something new and eat typical mediterranean style food and have good quality cocktails. We give it a 5 out 5 and recommend it to everyone who is lost in this city. 

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