While you are in Germany, to travel as much as you can and see different cities is a must.

If you happened to be in the south of the country, you would definitely need to visit Stuttgart, in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg land. Stuttgart is a pretty little town, that has its own vibe, especially in the summer. 

Not only for the sake of the traveling, but also to see one of the most famous opera and ballet houses in Germany, Stuttgart is a  place to discover. Staatsoper Stuttgart forms part of the Stuttgart State Theatre, where you can find opera, ballet and playhouse, for those that are interested in having a classy evening enjoying the good play. It is quite famous for the performers that come there and also the opera house is very well equipped, so you will enjoy the music and all sorts of visual effects.

Besides the cultural venues and endless walks, car lovers may also visit various museums that will tell you the story of car development in Mercedes-Benz or Porsche Museum. If you are not into machines, but nature, Stuttgart can also offer you a nice zoo to visit, so you can get closer to the nature and have a day spent like back in the childhood. 

In this little town, you can find pretty much anything you may wish, while exploring the country and moreover, if you are young and outgoing, Stuttgart has a few good night clubs and cozy bars, so you can pop in and have a drink. 

For some fun TapeMe recommends Waranga Bar, Sky Beach during the evening, Pure and AER, in case you need to shake it off.

                                                                  Stay tuned with us!


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