Autumn is slowly passing by and we start lacking those sunny days. Even though for many of us autumn is not the most exciting season, there are plenty of things you could do to spice it up! Have you ever thought of taking a long weekend and going somewhere to chase the sun?

We are here to tell you about Malta as an idea for your long weekend getaway. 

Malta is an island located between Italy and Tunisia and as you might imagine it is very much influenced by these two countries. The language is unique, something in between Italian and Arabic, however everyone speaks good English due to the British influence back in the days. Malta is also popular for the english language courses, so it could be considered, when you are choosing where to go to improve your english and attend some classes. 

The island itself is underdeveloped, however you can clearly see all the adjustments and construction that is going on in the city and the bay. Valetta, the capital is a beautiful place to stay and spend a few days, just wandering around, going to the wine bars and nice restaurants, like that amazing Italian place called “Rampila”. A beautiful place with a good variety of food and great wine selection. The views are also nice, when you stay on the terrace. Except restaurants and wine bars, Valetta is also a great place to spend some time going to the exhibitions and just exploring the city. 

If you are looking forward to get some sun and go to beach, you should definitely consider famous Cafe del Mar Malta, in St.Paul’s bay. The infinity pool, great service and incredible views will leave you happy for the day. The reason for choosing beach clubs is very simple- Malta is not really famous for the beaches, because they are rocky and swimming area is quite limited. If you are not into “tanning by the pool” then you should take a ferry and visit the islands, like Gozo and Comino. It takes only about 25 minutes to get to the island from Malta and once you arrive, just get a cab to the beach and the friendly taxi drivers will show you around and recommend where to go. Gozo is also a nice place to do the quad tour. You will get a chance to visit the island and see around, but those trips need to be booked in advance. 

Comino is another small island next to Malta and population is 3 people 🙂 Yes, only 3 people who permanently reside! The beach there is extremely beautiful and the water is crystal clear. If you go in September-October you will get the best out of it and a few days is more than enough to enjoy the country.

One day to visit the islands is enough and ferry goes every 45 minutes, so do not be afraid of getting stuck on the island like Robinson Crusoe.

Malta is an interesting place to visit and discover, also if you are a fan of casinos and gambling. This is a paradise for you.

Don’t think for too long and choose the activities you want to do and book your short trip to see another place of this beautiful world!


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