Things to do in Spring 2017

Spring is coming soon and it is time to get decided on what is your " To do" list for these wonderful 3 months.  TapeMe is preparing a list of activities you might be interested in, if you are a traveller, adventurer and a creative person.  The world blessed us with so many beautiful places [...]

Zip Line

Adventurers, pay attention! Winter season is here, new year and new resolutions. Apart of the typical holiday activities, people are also doing fun stuff and explore the world while on vacay.  One of the popular winter destinations is Andorra, Formal and other little villages in the Spanish Pyrenees. It is an absolutely lovely place with [...]

Evolutionary Snapchat

Welcome to the digital world of a yellow friendly ghost.  Snapchat is that application on your phone that you constantly use to send private pictures. Funny not funny, it is worth billions of $ and Facebook tried to acquire it, but with no success. Appeared in 2011, Snapchat got millions of users because of its [...]