Top Sunny Destinations Winter’17

We are half way through the winter and it means that we can take a little break and follow the sun!  Sun has a positive effect on our health, mood and skin! It makes life better in general, so to sweeten your life, we have prepared TOP 5 destinations for winter holidays. If you are [...]

Roaring Twenties

Many of us are constantly looking forward to personal and professional growth. When we are reaching early 20's we start thinking about future, our career, our plans and places. We start proactively working on our dreams, some are doers and some are believers, but even this is enough. And so, there comes a point, where [...]

The Beauty of Moving On

The progress starts once you are out of your comfort zone and even though it is very typical to say that, it remains very actual. All the people have doubts and fears, but it is only up to you to overcome it. It does not matter whether we are talking about the toxic relationship you [...]

Take Me Somewhere Nice

And suddenly, everything falls into places, people into places and memories into pieces. It is all unnatural, your will to build up a castle out of the broken glass. Remember you as a child, sitting on the shore believing that castles made of sand will last forever, but eventually a wave will destroy it. You [...]