Oscar & The Wolf

Oscar & The Wolf aka Max Colombie is taking over the charts with his special music.  Few people know it is a solo artist form Belgium, that composes songs and music himself. Critical success he gained with the album Entity, released in April 2014. The album went double platinum in Belgium and the most popular songs [...]

Délicieuse Musique

                                                           Vanilla music. From the SoundYouNeed to Délicieuse Musique, we have watched the music industry change and YouTube variety of channels grow.  Many times we feel tired [...]


TapeMe got lucky to see Chris Martin and Coldplay live with their "Head Full of Dreams" show in Barcelona Olympic Stadium.  To say that it was an amazing performance is like to say nothing at all. Two hours of constant play, fireworks, Chris Martin that is exceptionally good live and a full stadium - that [...]

Majid Jordan

Music really affects how we feel, see neutral faces and pay attention. There are more things to take into account, when choosing a song or an artist, but we won't play wrong. Today TapeMe is talking about Majid Jordan.  Majid Jordan is not a name of the guy, but a name for the duo. Majid [...]

The Avener

Many people listen to the famous trending songs and have no idea whose name is behind the track. The Avener or Tristan Casara is a French music producer. You might know him through the song of 2014 " Fade Out Lines"or "To Let Myself Go", but what else can you say? TapeMe is talking today [...]

Ludovico Einaudi

If you are anyhow related to music or you just appreciate it, you must know who this great man is. Today TapeMe is talking about one of the most inspiring composers of our decade - Ludovico Einaudi.  He is an Italian pianist and composer born in the middle of 20th. century. He has finished his [...]