Oscar & The Wolf

Oscar & The Wolf aka Max Colombie is taking over the charts with his special music.  Few people know it is a solo artist form Belgium, that composes songs and music himself. Critical success he gained with the album Entity, released in April 2014. The album went double platinum in Belgium and the most popular songs [...]


Oktoberfest as it is! It is the best time of the year for all the Germans out there. The crazy time of Oktoberfest has officially arrived and this saturday Munich welcomed tourists from all over the world to join this massive event. Plenty of tents, Bavarian food, litres of beer and a lot of fun [...]


The heart of Bavaria. Probably one of the most special places in Germany according to the history. Here the wind from the Alps is going to wash your pain away, because the atmosphere in the city is holy like. No wonder, because anywhere you step is a holy land, where monks of the past were [...]

Wind of Change

Summer'16 happened to be one of the most interesting in the life of many people. Here we won't talk about the vacation, parties and new friends you have made, but rather life changes that those three months brought. There is a scientific explanation to all the changes that are happening to people around the globe. [...]

Café del Mar

Welcome to Sunny Barcelona! Enough of the most touristic places, it is time for you to leave your guide and follow the crowd. Not a single day you can be bored, so in the city full of surprises and new places, you have to explore and try.  TapeMe is recommending you a completely new hidden spot [...]

Délicieuse Musique

                                                           Vanilla music. From the SoundYouNeed to Délicieuse Musique, we have watched the music industry change and YouTube variety of channels grow.  Many times we feel tired [...]

10 Things On Your List This Summer

Summer is here and it is time to take a pen and write down the things you want to do over these three wonderful months.  Do you remember yourself every year being like hm, I wanted to do this, but I had no opportunity. Well, today TapeMe is giving you 10 ideas on what you [...]